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Mobile Paintless Dent Repair: We Fix Dents on Cars in Lakeland, Tampa, Brandon and outlying areas.

We provide paintless dent removal on your car, truck, or motorcycle. If you are looking for a dent wizard, dent doctor, dent buster, dent medic, near me. We are standing by to pull your dent out, as soon as possible. We repair small dings, large dents, hail damage.

How It Works:
take a photo
of the damaged area.
Get a few shots from opposing angles.

We need to know the location of the dent in relation to the entire panel.
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Get The Image To Us:
text images or upload online
along with the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

After Our Quote:
schedule appointment
and we will fix your dent to perfection

You will receive a reminder of the repair via text and email 24 hours prior to our visit. We do not reschedule appointments if they are canceled on the day of the repair, regardless of the reason.
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We accept
card & check.
You can pay us online!

Cash NR -7% for repairs over 150$

Card +3%

Online +5%

What Our Customers Are Saying
We took our camera out with us and asked our customers what they think of our service. Fortunately, for us, they were kind enough to do it on video. We essentially asked them three questions. First, how did you find us? Second, are you happy with our repair today? Lastly, would you refer us to a friend? These are not paid actors and they didn't get any compensation for taking a few minutes to answer these questions. I targeted these customers because they were very skeptical of the entire paintless dent repair process originally, but afterwards, they were pleasantly surprised.
Large Complex Damage

We specialize in large damage which can oftentimes save you thousands of dollars on insurance premiums, CarFax, and the trade in value of your asset. Sometimes, our initial costs rival body shop prices. However, in the long term we are significantly cheaper. Our repairs do not affect the value of your vehicle negatively like all other processes.

Want To Fix A Dent Yourself, Consider This.
Paintless Dent Repair looks easy and there is no shortage of Youtube videos showing how "easily" its done. However, its far more complex than many of these "suction cup, dry ice" videos would lead you to believe. Ive been repairing 3-15 cars a day since I was 17 years old and I still don't have it all figured out (Age 40). Regardless, this is Polk County and we see it every month: we give a customer a price and they think they can do it cheaply themselves; inevitably, they come back to us and the price is double or they need to repaint. We understand that Paintless Dent Repair is usually an unexpected expense, but doing it wrong can turn a minor ding into a real mess, fast. Furthermore, If your getting a quote hundreds of dollars less than what we are giving you, be weary. You may not be getting the best repair. If that is the case, you might be better off body shopping/repainting your vehicle, than going to someone who is not going to give you what your really looking for.

The Automotive Industry Uses Dent Repair USA, For Its Major Paintless Dent Repair Needs: Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando.

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Paintless Dent Repair Is the first choice

Paintless Dent Repair is the science of removing dents by pushing or pulling on the factory finish, leaving the vehicle in its original state before the damage. This process stands in stark contrast to a body shop that uses fillers and paints to achieve the same results. An analogy from the medical field would be the difference of a 30 minute chiropractor visit verses undergoing surgery to relieve back pain. Both remedies produce the same results, but the long-term effects of the later could be more damaging to your bodies longevity. If done professionally, one can expect virtually perfect results with Paintless Dent Repair, at a fraction of the cost of a body shop. Essentially, this science, also known as dentology, removes minor pressure blemishes from a vehicles outer surface, using leverage from behind the dent.

  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Repainting

1. The original factory paint is still on the vehicle. The paint will always match

2. Doesn't need to go on your Insurance, raising your premiums.

3. Can be repaired in one day (usually).

4. Doesn't go on CarFax, which lowers the value of the vehicle.

5. The paint will always match.

6. You don't need to be in a rental car.

7. We come to your home.

8. Quality of work is lifetime guaranteed.

9. Body Shops often call on us to fix minor damage.

10. We sometimes must create access.

1. The original paint on the vehicle is removed. Example: your original teeth are better than dentures.

2. Goes on your Insurance, raising your premiums in most cases.

3. Can be repaired in a few weeks, if they are not backed up.

4. Goes on Carfax, lowering the value of the vehicle.

5. The paint never matches. Thats why they must "blend" into other panels.

6. You will need to be in a rental car, or use another vehicle while the repairs are bing made.

7. They are not mobile (If they are, run.).

8. Quality of work is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

9. We call on bodyshops to fix collision damage, that would affect customer safety.

10. They sometimes must cut into the unibody of vehicles and use bondo or similar fillers.

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We are the only legitimate Paintless Dent Repair Company in the Region

In order to touch a vehicle in the State of Florida, you must have a certificate and registration with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This is to protect consumers and ensuring that all work performed falls under Federal and State Laws. Vehicles have already become more like computers than automobiles. We are taking your car apart and its important that we understand all of the computer systems and sensors for your protection. For example, if a technician took the headliner down in your vehicle to repair hail damage and they disconnected your airbags, but didn't connect them back correctly, it could lead to a fatality. There are a number of these issue arising nation wide.

No Vehicle Repair Is Worth A Life

Earlier this year, in 2018, after a repair a lady was driving her prius home on the Highway: the sensor that stops the vehicle from hitting pedestrians was moved during a repair. As the vehicle passed under a bridge the sensor read the bridge incorrectly forcing the vehicle to stop at 60mph. The resulting consequence was devastating. So when you are thinking about the difference in 100$ from us and a lower price from someone else, consider our certifications. Our Florida Motor Vehicle License is MV99105.

  • Dent Repair USA
  • Competitors

1. We get 100% of the proceeds from our work.

2. We charge marginally more money for our repairs, so we have time to do a quality job.

3. Our primary business model is retail work.

4. We are externally certified and continue education.

5. Other dent companies use us, when they need help with difficult damage.

6.We offer a fully mobile service.

7. Many of the expensive car dealerships and best body shops call us, first.

8.We hire good people and train them.

9. We bring military bearing and discipline into our work ethic.

10. We didn't hire someone to build this website. We studied and figured it out for ourselves. When I say "we", I mean the guy thats going to figure out your dent.

1. Tech's get 30-50% of the proceeds from thier work.

2. They charge marginally less money for the repairs, so they are swamped with commercial work.

3. Their primary business model is commercial work.

4. They are internally certified and external certification is frowned upon

5. Other dent companies do not use them.

6.They offer mobile service with limited tools, purchased by a corporation. No innovation.

7. High volume dealerships care more about cost than quality. Techs are often pushed to complete repairs before they are ready. Practice makes permanent.

8.They hire anyone who will work for cut rates.

9. They bring a corporate mentality to an art. Cogs in a wheel that can be replaced.

10. They hire and outsource all sales and other designs, which is where there profit goes.

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We Have Standard Pricing

We use a standardized pricing menu. This is to ensure we are not over charging you for our services. This is the best way to determine how much your dent costs now and in the future. We don't look at your expensive home and car and think about how much more money we can get. Sadly, it is how others do business currently and I have personally been guilty of it in the past. I fixed the rear door on Sugar Ray Leonard's Bentley for 3700$ in 2012. For them, it was still a deal, because the vehicle would have lost far more value in a body shop/repaint. Admittedly, that was before I understood insurance and I simply didn't have any. I figured my risk had gone up, so my price would need to adjust also. Today, I carry 1million dollars worth of insurance for every vehicle I touch.

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No Repairs Without The Owners Consent, in Person!

We do not perform work on someone else's vehicle for you, unless we personally know you as a commercial account and trust you are working in tandem with the owner of the vehicle: we reserve the right to contact the customer, regardless. There are some large commercial accounts that we refuse to do dent repairs for because they have broken our trust in this arena. Volkswagen of Lakeland had us repair a vehicle they had damaged just moments after the customer purchased the vehicle. To reduce the cost they requested that we drill a hole in the vehicle, which we did, and then they proceeded to hide the repair from the customer. We refused payment for our services and blocked their numbers. Why? Because if they will do something like that for a 100$ dent, what else are they willing to do? Ethically, we would not want someone working on our vehicle, without our consent, and neither would you.
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Factory Orange Peel and Color is Priceless

A body shop will never really match the color or orange peel of your vehicle consistently. This is why they must "blend" into undamaged adjacent panels. Each panel painted goes on CarFax as a damaged panel. Orange peel are those little ripples in your vehicles paint. Get down along side your vehicle in direct sunlight and you can identify them. Exact Orange peel cannot be reproduced outside of the factory. When a vehicle goes through the original paint process it doesn't have anything but the metal. This allows the baking process to take place at much higher temperatures. If a body shop tried to reproduce these temperatures, it would melt all of the plastic in your interior.

Providing mobile Paintless Dent Repair/ Car Dent Repair/ Motorcycle Dent Repair to the following areas without a driving fee, but not limited to: Lakeland Florida, Winston, Plant City, Providence, Crystal Lake, Auburndale, Winter Haven, Medulla, Gibsonia, Galloway, Lakeland Highlands, Kossuthville, Fussels Corner, Highland City, Carters Corner, Kathleen, Providence, Plant City, Mulberry, South Mulberry, Plant City, Willow Oak, Bartow, Pierce, Eagle Lake, Lake Alfred, Bradley Junction, Branchborough, Dover, Crystal Springs, Cypress Gardens, Bradley Junction, Pembroke, Sydney, Haines City, Fort Meade, Dundee, Seffner, Durant, Holiday Manor, Lake Hamilton, Waverly, Mango, Cumpressco, Valrico, Dundee, Lithia, Davenport, Thonotosassa, Zephyrhills, Brandon, Lake Hamilton, Mango, Fish Hawk, Lake Wales. Areas we cover but charge a 50$ service fee to drive to you for an estimate. This fee is waved if we make a repair. South Tampa, Bloomingdale, ChapionsGate, Boyette, Dade City, Del Rio, Bowling Green, Saint Leo, Temple Terrace, Ybor City, San Antonia, Loughman, Ybor City, Bowling Green, Reunion, Poinciana, Loughman, Davenport, Wauchula Hills, West Tampa, Babson Park, Riverview, Celebration, Intercession City, Gibsonton, Adamsville, Nalcrest, East Tampa, Ridge Manor, Carrollwood, Nalcrest. Areas we cover but charge a 100$ service fee to drive to you for an estimate. 50$ of this fee is waved if we make a repair (50$ additional to the bill, regardless). Furthermore, we require images and telephone conversation for a verbal quote. Lake Buena Vista, Zolfo Springs, Bay Lake, Ona, Webster, Carrollwood, Ridge Manor, Lutz, Groveland, Webster, Frostproof, Clermont, Apollo Beach, Wesley Chapel, Hunters Creek, Bevilles Corner, Kissimmee, Bay Lake, Mascotte, Citrus Park, Richloam, Williamsburg, Bay Hill, Sun City Center, Bay Hill, Ruskin, Doctor Phillips, Oldsmar, Meadow Woods, Wimauma, Indian Lake Estates, Windermere, Citrus Park. Areas we cover but charge a 150$ service fee to drive to you for an estimate. 50$ of this fee is waved if we make a repair (100$ additional to the bill, regardless). Furthermore, we require images and telephone conversation for a verbal quote. Minneola, Bushnell, West Chase, Pasco, Oldsmar, Sumterville, Buenaventra Lakes, Oak Ridge, Safety Harbor, Odessa, Brooksville, Four Corners, Sun City, Minneola, Sumterville, Orlando, Tampa, and outlying areas.